The college has administrative rooms, faculty rooms, classrooms, laboratories, library, multipurpose hall, hostel, and transport facilities are available.

Psycology Lab

To enforce the understanding of theoretical concepts of psychology, the student teachers perform experiments, administer tests, and questionnaires to obtain results and interpret them to effectively perform their professional tasks. The Student teachers are also given training in preparing tests and questionnaires of different types for different purposes which they can use for undertaking research and other psychological processes like learning,  memory, forgetting, thinking, problem-solving, reasoning, motivation, emotion etc. and coping processes and strategies. Well equipped with Tachistoscope illusion boards, Tweezer dexterity boards, mirror drawing Apparatus, Memory drum and many more inventories. Our Psychology Resource Centre is designed to cater to the above-said needs.


Social Science Lab

Social science lab acts as an activity room for pupil-teachers as it combines academic experience with worldly knowledge, making learning effective, lively, and fun. They learn to investigate how social science is embedded in our everyday lives.


Educational Technology Lab

To enable to student teachers develop interest and appreciate various pedagogical principles in teaching computer science, our computer science lab is equipped with computers.  The students also develop skills in preparing and using computer-assisted instruction programs.  The lab has internet connectivity.  The students identify websites relating to the school curriculum and gather more information as per their needs


Maths Lab

The mathematics laboratory is a place where anybody can experiment and explore patterns and ideas. It is a place where one can find a collection of games, puzzles, and other teaching and learning material. Well equipped with Sand Clock, ABL Box &Cards, Mathematic kids Box, Geometry Box, addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division Board, Abacus, Chess Board, Ludo Board, snake ladder, Tane gram, geo Board, Prisams, Napiers Scale and many more inventories. The mathematics lab provides an opportunity for the students to discover mathematics through doing.


Science Lab

The Science lab is designed to cater to the prescribed science curriculum. The Science Laboratory is functioning with well equipped modernized as per the guidelines of the NCTE/SCERT, which covering the needs of the students. The lab has all standard equipment experiments for D.El.Ed Students.



The Institute imparts Arts and craft training to our students. Kinesthetic components of students are nurtured in Arts and Craft resource centre such as training on preparation of instructional materials for teaching and learning, glass painting and pot painting, hand works of embroidery, toy making, bouquet making socially useful products from waste materials and leisure time activities of training in making of candles, washing powder and phenol etc., related to the course content.


The music room in our Institute is furnished with a variety of instruments like Tabla, Drums, Harmonium, Guitar, and Violin, etc. to equip the students with skills of better coordination of different musical instruments and academic related activities as per the norms of the NCTE.


We believe in the dictum: “Library is the gateway of knowledge”. Library has 11,300 books in stock including 865 reference books. The books are on varied subjects relating to Education, Teaching, Techniques of Teaching, Use of Modern Technology in Teaching, Methodology for Teaching all Subjects, Psychology, literature and General knowledge, Physical Education, Arts Drawing, Music and Health Education. Open accession system is followed in library. Orientation Sessions are arranged to assist the students for the effective and maximum utilization of the library resources.

Guidance & Counseling Cell

Our Counselors are available round the clock to guide and encourage the students by providing emotional support when they need.

Awards & Honour for students

Student toppers are encouraged with the cash award.



Nearest Airport - Tuticorin (TCR) 1 h (39.2 km) via Thoothukudi-Tiruchendur



The distance is 3km and Just 10 mins drive from the Tiruchendur bus stand



The distance is 3km and Just 10 mins drive from the Tiruchendur (TCN) railway station



The distance is 3km and Just 10 mins drive from the Tiruchendur bus stand